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Digital Legacy

Digital Legacy  

We have partnered with the market leading experts of digital legacy storage, Keylu and have secured a fantastic 25% discount off the normal premium account price if writing your Will with us.  




A digital legacy account allows you to organise and store your important personal, legal and financial documents along with personal items such as photos and videos in a safe and secure online account. Your Trusted contacts are given access to this account and will be able to access this information when they need it most.  

Get organised

A digital legacy account with Keylu provides you and your loved ones with a safe and secure online home for your important documents such as savings accounts, pensions, life insurance and Wills. These are housed in a secure, encrypted format that are then made available to the right people at the right time.  This become a lifelong companion, regularly reminding you to update your account so that you have access to your important information at any time, all while protecting it from theft, loss or damage.

Curate your memories 

A digital legacy account isn’t just about storing important legal and financial information. Keylu recognise the importance of leaving behind the little things, too.   Leave a video message for a loved one so they never forget the sound of your voice, or store photos that bring a smile and keep them safe in your online account. Make sure those closest to you know just how much you care.

Establish your legacy

Take the reins on how you’re remembered by family and friends by leaving behind personal information such as your final wishes, bucket lists and your favourite songs to ensure those closest to you are never in doubt. You can also outline any charitable bequests in your digital legacy account, allocating money for those organisations you value most to ensure they can continue their vital work.

Start your Digital Legacy today

Starting you digital legacy is simple, when writing your Will with us we will set up your Keylu account with a 25% discount on the normal premium account fee.


For further information about Keylu click the button below;

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