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Wills and so much more ....

Protecting you and your family is at the heart of our business.  We specialise in Wills, Will trusts, estate planning and lasting powers of attorney

You need a Will  if you're ....



Don’t assume “my other half will get everything”. Brothers, sisters or parents may have a claim. Often your children have a right to part of your estate


If you are not officially married, you may be treated as a single person and a surviving partner may get nothing at all. One thing you can be certain of – there will be arguments and disputes at a time when the family should be coping with the loss of a loved one.

A parent

You should consider who you would like to look after your children in the event of your death. This is particularly important in the case of single parent families or unmarried parents living together. A valid Will nominating guardians is invaluable in such cases. 

Maybe you made a Will a long time ago. It probably needs updating to include additional grandchildren or deletion of persons you no longer feel you wish to leave anything to.


You might want your estate divided amongst friends, relatives and charities of your choosing and in the proportions you want.

Call us on  or enter your details here and we’ll arrange for a convenient home visit, telephone or video appointment with one of our expert team.  


Supporting charities by raising funds through donations left in our customers' Wills

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