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Attestation Service

Signing Your Will


Your Will becomes a legal valid and binding document as soon as it has been signed correctly. 

We offer a Will Attestation Service to ensure that this important part of the final completion of the Will is carried out correctly.

An incorrectly attested Will can cost thousands of pounds if the Will is void due to it being incorrectly witnessed.


For example:  ​​​


  • Nobody who may benefit from your Will can be allowed to act as a witness.  


  • Witnesses must not be the spouse of a beneficiary


  • Signing with Testators who are blind or infirm requires special arrangements 


Service includes


  • Personal delivery of your Will and any other legal documents that may require witnessing

  • Explanation of the attestation procedure and completion with all witnesses present

  • Ensuring that the Will is attested correctly

  • The Attestation Service costs £35 single and £50 mirror and is free to all clients over 75 years of age

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