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Please read carefully before setting up your annual payment

Terms & Conditions

Our obligations in relation to document storage

1. In consideration of you paying the agreed annual fee we have a legal duty to keep the documents in safe storage and use reasonable endeavours to protect and preserve the documents whilst in safe storage. We will maintain insurance cover of at least £2 million to cover loss or damage to the documents whilst in storage. Make and keep copies of the documents to assist in their restoration if required.  We will return the documents in accordance the notes headed “Return of documents”below.  


2. We reserve the right to increase the fees for storage at any time during the period of storage, however a minimum of 28 days written notice of any such increase will be given to the you at your last known address.  Payment of the fee is in return for storage of your documents and not for any other service provided by us.


3. We will register the location of your documents on the National Wills Register at no cost to you. 


Your obligations in relation to document storage

1. It is your responsibility to inform us of any change of address or any change in banking details.


2. You agree to pay the storage fee on the agreed date. In the event of payment not being made on the due date, the Company reserves the right to return your documents to your last known address, whereupon all liabilities of the Company shall cease.


Return of documents

1.  You may request the return of your documents at any time by making a written request to the Company, in which case your documents will be returned to you. 


2. The documents will only be returned to someone other than yourself in the following circumstances; An Enduring, Lasting or Continuing Power of Attorney will be returned to your Attorneys on receipt of a written request signed by one of the Attorneys (in the case of a joint and several appointment) or signed by all of the Attorneys (in the case of a joint appointment). 


3. A Will will be returned to the Personal Representatives on receipt of a written request signed by all of the Personal Representatives accompanied by an original death certificate. Upon receipt of the request, documents will then be dispatched within two working days using a delivery service where acknowledgement of receipt of the documents by the recipient is a requirement of the service.  Delivery requests to addresses within the United Kingdom will not incur a charge provided that all fees due to us have been paid.

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